Neil Young Archives Fan Fantasy Series

It has been a long time coming that Neil Young has opened up his Archives, this time in by the way of an internet website.  While the Archives have not presented any new recordings during the free preview period (don’t expect anything new for awhile), it has provided a plethora of information on newly everything Neil Young has release over the last 50 years.

With the opening of the Archives, I present the latest series to augment the official Archives, the aptly named Fan Fantasy Series.  This is not an official series being offered by Neil Young or Reprise Records, rather it is a fan interpretation of unreleased, unrealized, abandoned, or nonexistent Neil Young albums, sort of a What If… type of series.

In true Neil Young fashion, the first offering is Volume 3 of the series: the unrealized Oh Lonesome Me concept.  The Neil Young Archives reveals two working track lists for an album that Neil wanted to compile as a potential follow up to Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere.  For whatever reason, this concept was abandoned, likely due to Neil joining CSN and the change in direction after toward the concept that became After The Gold Rush.  But what if this album had been further developed and had come to be…?  This is my answer to that question.  Disclaimer:  this fan compiled recording is not available for purchase or circulation.  The information provided here is exactly that, information only.  Please do not ask for this material, go purchase the available tracks if you wish to compile it for your own listening pleasure.

Neil Young – Oh Lonesome Me (abandoned 1969-70 album concept) NYA FFS Disc 03

  1. Oh Lonesome Me (w/ Crazy Horse, Stereo Mix from Archives Vol. 1)
  2. Wonderin’ (live w/ Crazy Horse, from Live At Fillmore East)
  3. Dance, Dance, Dance (w/ Crazy Horse, from Archives Vol. 1)
  4. Everybody’s Alone (w/ Crazy Horse, from Archives Vol. 1)
  5. I Believe In You (w/ Crazy Horse, Alternate Mix from Archives Vol. 1 DVD)
  6. Birds (w/ Crazy Horse, previously available in edited form on Archives Vol. 1, full recording from Neil Young Archives Online)
  7. Come On Baby Let’s Go Downtown (live w/ Crazy Horse, from Live At Fillmore East)
  8. Sea Of Madness (CSNY, studio ruff from bootleg CSNY 1969 Archives)
  9. Winterlong (live w/ Crazy Horse, from Live At Fillmore East)
  10. Everybody’s Alone (CSNY, studio ruff from bootleg CSNY 1969 Archives)
  11. It Might Have Been (live w/ Crazy Horse, from Archives Vol. 1)

Front cover was created based on the proposed front cover for the concept.  Back cover was created to facilitate a custom sleeve for the disc itself.  Disc label was created for use on LightScribe enabled drives.




Resurrection of Zolcaro

Announcing the resurrection of Zolcaro Productiins Ltd.  After nearly a decade of silence, and a demand for former projects, I am back on the web with new projects.  Watch this blog to see what I have as it comes out.  Thank you to those who sought my earlier work for inspiring me to come back and keep sharing the music I love.

There Is No Dark Side Of The Moon

August of 2016, and I was revisiting the Dark Side Of The Moon yet again.  I started back in October 2015, preparing a mix using 5.1 sources, DVD menus, and other sources from the Dark Side Of The Moon Immersion Box Set but the final product left me unsatisfied.  I scrapped the entire mix and work in progress files.  I recently came across an application that extracted the DVD menu audio exactly as it should be: in 5.1 surround sound perfect for use in the mixing I had intended last year.  So, I quickly set to work on mixing again, using the 5.1 mix of the album, 5.1 concert screen films, 5.1 audio from the menus of the box set DVDs, extra sound bytes from the One Side Of The Moon bootleg (for some extra Roger The Hat clips, an extended conclusion line, and the ending of Money that doesn’t fade out), and the Early Mix and Bonus Audio CD from the Immersion Box Set and the Experience Edition of the album.  The result was a great mix that stands as a great companion to the original, IMO.


Speak To Me (extended version) / Breathe / The Travel Sequence / On The Run (extended version) / Time / The Great Gig In The Sky (extended mashup version) / Money (extended version) / Us And Them (extended version) / Any Colour You Like (extended version) / Brain Damage / Eclipse (extended outro version)

The mashup is a mix that features the Lunar landing early mix with the final Clare Torry mix from the 5.1 mix of the album.  Both version play together to give both at once for a different effect on the senses during the first movement.

I have not created artwork yet and I have not uploaded this mix yet.  I intended to upload at a later date, but as a companion of sorts to the next project: a mix based on the ideas of what was done for this mix, but as 2 separate discs (disc 1 as an alternate what could have been mix, all stereo sources, to recreate Eclipse: A Piece For Assorted Lunatics; disc 2, 98% from 5.1 sources, a fresh extended mix of the Dark Side Of The Moon.  Watch this space for further word on this project and the upcoming one.  Feel free to throw some ideas this way if you like.

Wish You Were Here (Revised & Expanded) 2015


Wish You Were Here (The 2015 Revised Edition)
Mixed by Zolcaro (August – September 2015)
Released September 30 2015

1) Wine Glasses
2) Have A Cigar
3) Wish You Were Here
4) The Hard Way
5) Welcome To The Machine
6) Shine On You Crazy Diamond
a) Part I
b) Part II
c) Part III
d) Part IV
e) Part V
f) Part VI
g) Part VII
h) Part VIII
i) Part IX

This release is offered in two variations.  The first one is with Shine On You Crazy Diamond indexed as a single track.  The second has seperate indexes for each part of Shine On You Crazy Diamond.

Both editions are available on my OneDrive.

Wish You Were Here (Experience Edition)
Wish You Were Here (Quad Mix)
Delicate Sound Of Thunder (The Complete 1987-1988 World Tour) [Thanks MQR]
The Extraction Tapes


Dark Side Of The Moon (Alan Parsons Mix 1973) (Dolby Headphone)

Before I move on to the next release from the Zolcaro Archives, I figured I would share this one that I acquired last month.  The Dolby Headphones stereo mixdown of Dark Side Of The Moon, sourced from the 1973 4.0 Quad Mix by Alan Parsons that is featured on the BluRay disc in the Immersion Box is what I have here for you today.   I have uploaded the FLAC files that I downloaded for all to enjoy.  The mixdown was done by ADHDerby.


The files are on my OneDrive which will open in a new window.

If you enjoy this, please show your support to the artists by purchasing their music through your preferred music retail service.  If you already own this album (and who doesn’t) then I highly recommend the investment in the Immersion Box set.

Shedding Light… The EP (2001)

Shortly after I finished working on the Shedding Light On The DSOTM project, I decided to make a special EP that could be a sort of promotional thing.  It didn’t get distributed, however.  Since it didn’t get a release, I have the only copy that had been committed to disc.  The EP featured a couple of slight differences than the mixes on Shedding Light… and I think now is a good time to share that EP.  Now artwork was created for this special EP and the details of it were never posted online.

The MP3 files are available for download on my OneDrive.

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Shedding Light On The Dark Side Of The Moon (2001)

Shedding Light On The DSOTM front cover

Shedding Light On The DSOTM front cover

The second release from 2001 was a special expanded version of Pink Floyd’s classic Dark Side Of The Moon.  This release was mixed from sources that include the 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition CD release of DSOTM, Delicate Sound Of Thunder, PULSE, Roger Waters “KAOS On The Road” bootleg, Pink Floyd “Best Of Tour ’72” bootleg, and the “Live At Pompeii” bootleg soundtrack.

Artwork and tracklist is available on the old Zolcaro website.

FLAC files are available on my OneDrive

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Rebuilding The Wall (2001)

front cover image Rebuilding The Wall front coverThis was the project that started it all, back in 2001.  I had heard Every Brick In The Wall and thought I could do a mix that might work a little better than what had been done on that project.  I was pleased with the result and decided to share it with the Echoes community.  The sources used on this project were The Wall, Is There Anybody Out There? (The Wall Live 1980-81), The Wall (Film), The Wall Live In Berlin, and the single and promo edits that were available on the Tree Full Of Secrets.

The full track list is still on the old Zolcaro website.

The FLAC files are available for download on my OneDrive.

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